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Woman Wednesday - Sandy Oh

“Yo, you DO have a big head, but at least you work in fashion so people will notice your clothes first.”

The candid, funny, and sometimes inappropriate moments that I share with Sandy Oh are just a few reasons why I admire this woman. Her infectious smile, obvious fashion sense, and endearing Asian lady ways leave you wanting to know more than just what she’s wearing. One of my favorite outfits I’ve seen on Sandy was an a-line tent dress, bomber jacket, laced rimmed - polka dot sock situation, finished off with bright ass yellow stilettos. Doesn’t make sense - that sentence didn’t make sense, but Sandy manages to combine each piece effortlessly.

Always true to her own style and aesthetic, the latest Indigo Capsule Collection with AG Jeans is only a glimpse into her creative mind. I watched her dedicate every kimchi minute and sketch to this line and to have her explain her vision to me in words was truly inspiring. As I continue to work on the digital content strategy with the team, it’s becoming evident that her attention to shapes, obscure silhouettes, and wash fabric techniques derive from a place I can’t quite explain, and I sure as hell don’t want to fuck it up so I’ll let Sandy take this one…

“I love fashion but I truly love clothes. Although being a designer does not save lives it gives people self identity and individuality. No two people will ever dress exactly the same. This is what the Indigo Capsule Collection is all about, creating unique pieces left for interpretation.

Every fashion designer has a story that starts with…When I was little…For me it’s in my blood. My mom at the age of 17 started her very own tailor shop in Korea. She at a young age started creating beautiful tailor garments for people in small towns. I do want to say that I received a lot of my mom’s DNA. She to this day has a love affair with clothes as I do.

Fashion to me is not just my career but my everyday lifestyle, I live and breathe it daily. Although Coco Chanel said to always remove one item before you leave out the door, I always add one more piece to complete my look as I walk out to start my day! Style should come from within and everyone should dress for themselves and not to impress others. Fashion is art and art is fashion. Like art fashion is left for one to create and left for interpretation by each individual.”

Check out the line here = AG JEANS