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Woman Wednesday - Safe Word Creative

“I’m usually the only girl…that’s too girly…I can’t do pink.” Actually, I really can’t do pink. That shade, my skin tone, no good can come from that.

I’ve always been that girl that prided herself in being just one of the guys. Always saying, “I mostly hang with dudes”, like it was supposed to validate me as some cool chick that stood out from a sea of vaginas (how’s that for a visual?). It is true, that I do feel a sense of comfort with my boys, but lately there’s been a rising level of guilt due to my lack of acknowledgement towards the amazing and inspiring women in my life. I am by no means an expert on feminism, what wave it currently is on, or what are the necessary steps we as society need to take to wake the hell up and expedite women being rightfully viewed as equals, but what I do know is that there are women in this world and specifically in my life that are making moves.

I want to share these stories of women every Wednesday in hopes to inspire and to see if I can break your habits of taking those Buzzfeed quizes (yo, you probably already know which 90’s song you are by the 3rd question, come on!).

I want to start #WomanWednesday off with the ladies of Safe Word Creative Management. Coupled with years of experience in representing heavy hitting creative talent with the purest energy and passion, Erika Bokamper and Erika Sheldon are here to take the advertising world by storm. These two continue to inspire me with their vision and tenacity of bringing creative minds together, all while staying grounded in a world of chaos. 

I’m lucky as shit to call these ladies colleagues and friends and can’t wait to see first hand the power of what these freakishly determine women can do.