Why I Marched… & Posted Months Later

“It would be nothing without a woman or a girl.” - James Brown

I’m still trying to understand why anyone would think they have the right to tell a woman what she can do with her body. Throw in a wage gap issue, patriarchal mysogynistic tendencies, and a “president” that clearly has no respect for women and GAME OVER. 

On January 21st 2017, it was an amazing feeling to march with thousands of women around the world in solidarity. To see a sea of different nationalities, ages, and even men respond to Trump the day after his inauguration was a glimmer of hope that I’m still holding onto like that photo where I say, “Dammmn I wish I still looked like that”. I was thicker in high school so more college days - post break up and no money for food type of look. 

I saw so many signs that spoke to the emotions of the protesters and some that were just clever as hell. I asked a handful of people why they marched and here were a few that remind me to fight the good fight…

“I march for you, me, and the she to come.” - Lani

“For love, courage, and unity.” - Sam

“For our pussies, for women, for queers, for our children, for immigrants, for muslims, for love, for the future, for health care, for education.” - Shauna

“For my my mother, my life, and my daughter.” - Liz

“Because this is bullshit, we are equal. Planned Parenthood got me through college without an STD and I was an idiot with a constant boner” - Michael (Clearly my favorite)

I marched because I was part of a generation that raised girls to think they were less than a boy, that a girl that is “too intense” was a bitch or unhappy, that she should smile more to be considered “pretty”, or guys are just like that, that’s why they say borderline inappropriate shit. I posted months later, because I knew I would need to remind myself why the resistance needs to be backed with persistence… and cause I got shit to do, writing words with pictures is hard y’all!

I’ll continue to resist while Trump is in office rolling back protection rights for women and while people like Bill O’ Reilly, and a network that ONLY fired him cause he got caught, not because what he did, still exist. It’s gonna be a long ass fight but, the world, this administration, and the future women of this country need to know they are equal, they are deserving, they are mighty, and this is bullshit.

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